~* playful punk rock princess *~
a brazen hussy and a shameless wanton
trans, sex worker, all around loud-mouth
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Anonymous asked
how can i contact you

you can’t. i’m no longer on the scene.

gnight holly

that’s it for me, kids. i’m off to rehab and done with escorting for a while. might take a few established clients here and there but honestly i think it’s really over this time. I hope you’ll think well of your playful, friendly holly belmont. each of you was an adventure and thru your desire for me i learned to feel a confidence i’d never have known otherwise. how many times did i think “hell, i’d almost do this for free?”

i said almost fellas. no refunds!

anyway, the money was good and the drugs were fun but it’s time to go back to my boring old real life, my girlfriend, my boyfriend and my few lucky hookups who get it for free. you’re jealous, i know. and that’s appropriate.

you won’t find another like me in chicago anytime soon.


hi chicago! i’m taking the weekend off to catch up with some old friends. you’ll have to entertain yourself!

don’t do anything i wouldn’t do, ok?

interests include

1. british accents
2. uncut dicks
3. bulging envelopes with my name on them

it occurs to me that i actually post far more salacious pictures on my other blog, the blog that i only let other women see, the blog that (if you’re reading this) you will probably never, ever see

so, hotel room selfies… hotelfies? iunno. i’m bored and lonely in the loop and hoping for a man to keep me warm…

so, hotel room selfies… hotelfies? iunno. i’m bored and lonely in the loop and hoping for a man to keep me warm…

Anonymous asked
Do you like professional, well-groomed african-american men?

oh. god. yes. i like professional, well-groomed men of *any* description.

ps. a well-kept beard is a huge turn-on, as well!

…and this is how i want to be thought of when i’m old and grey

"holly belmont? oh, yes! such a dear sweet girl! and what a wit! she was nothing less than the oscar wilde of transexual prostitutes."

Anonymous asked
How can any of us be sure you aren't actually a very clever bird? So far, not convinced.

you got me. i am actually just a very clever bird.

Anonymous asked
Are you excepting new clients and or doubling with Christina again?

i am currently accepting new clients, yes! you can find my eros ad here. please feel free to contact me! i’d love to get the chance to get to know you.

cristina has been traveling quite a bit lately and although i would relish the chance to work with her again (hi babe!) her busy schedule makes unlikely you’ll find us both in the same bedroom at the same time.